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  • Greetings Recruits!

    The time has come for you to make a decision. Do you remain a recruit? Or does your involvement become something more? You have learned that ArkCo is not alone. Do you stay with ArkCo, or do you join forces with one of the other 3 Corporations? Weigh your decision carefully, the consequences could be far reaching! The options before you are as follows:

    ArkCo Corporation:

    ArkCo is an umbrella corporation, housing the elite from a multitude of military and scientific specializations. You can opt for either the R&D or Military wings of ArkCo.

    ArkCo Research & Development Division: This division specializes in the most advanced scientific research of the day. You will work to further ArkCo’s goals across all the sciences, including genetics, physics, astronomy and developing state of the art technologies. Specializations available are: Biology, Genetics, Robotics, Physics, Computer Science, and Chemistry.

    ArkCo Military Division – This division specializes in producing and deploying the most advanced weapons, armor, and military technology. Our soldiers work to protect and defend all Corporation holdings, including off-world colonies in deep space. Specializations for Military Division are: Combat, Engineering, Vehicles, Communications, Weapons Tech, and Special Ops.

    Omnivision Corporation:

    Omnivision stands at the forefront of high technology, advancing revolutionary new scientific discoveries, and adapting them to technology previously believed to be nothing but fiction. Specializations for Omnivision are: Holographic tech, Surveillance, Nanotechnology, Security Systems, Shield Tech, and Artificial Intelligence

    Evolution Adaptations Corporation:

    Evolution Adaptations takes biological and life science technologies to the next level. Leading the way in terraforming, bio-engineering, and other critical fields, EA can offer you specialties in the following fields: Bio-engineering, Terraforming Technology, Genetic Experimentation, Botany, Synthetics, and Microbiology

    Event Obsidian Corporation:

    Event Obsidian is the bastion of Military and Defense technologies. Boasting the most ambitious weapons development and defense systems production in the galaxy, EO seeks new recruits with a mind to empower and protect them. Specializations for Event Obsidian are: Biological & Chemical Weapons, Armor, Cybernetics, Weapons Development, Military Vehicles, and Explosives Tech

    Those who take on these challenges, and sign up to become part of the program, will be part of a rewarding future. From participating in designing division logos, to competitions between corporations, recruits can immerse themselves in the true spirit of our fine community!

    If you are ready to join our ranks, please post below with the following information:

    User Name:

    Desired Division:

    Specialization: (optional, i.e., genetics, special ops, etc)

    Upon receipt of your recruitment papers (the above information in a post) our executives will process your request, awarding you the forum title for your division If you choose a specialization, choose carefully! It WILL matter later on! You may then take part in division activities, including roleplaying in character if you wish. The experience can be as in-depth, or as simple as you wish it to be! Not the social type? Join the ranks and watch from the shadows as the divisions go to work, showcasing the imagination and talent of the ArkCoNauts worldwide. “Home” forums will be provided to each division to further enhance the experience, and to allow everyone to really bring the Divisions to life.

    LadyAijou, Apr 6, 2013
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  • drivingdreams ArkCo R&D: Computer Science

    Do we need to sign up again if we already have?

    drivingdreams, Apr 8, 2013
  • LadyAijou Community Manager

    Yup, just to let me know if you’re keeping your original choice or switching to something else, since there are a ton more choices now

    LadyAijou, Apr 8, 2013
  • Vexx Omnivision: Nanotechnology

    User Name: Vexx

    Desired Division: OmniVision

    Specialization: Nanotechnology

    Vexx, Apr 8, 2013
  • drivingdreams ArkCo R&D: Computer Science

    Username: drivingdreams

    Desired Division: Ark Co Research and Development Division

    Specialitization: Computer Science

    drivingdreams, Apr 8, 2013
  • Koihime Nakamura ArkCo R&D: Robotics

    ArkCo / Miltary / Robotic Operatives

    Koihime Nakamura, Apr 9, 2013
  • MrShoes OmniVision: Nanotechnology

    Omnivision corporation / Nanotechnology Division

    Done ~Rav3n

    MrShoes, Apr 9, 2013
  • Kadath ArkCo Military: Special Ops

    User Name: Kadath

    Desired Division: ArkCo Military Division

    Specialization: Special Ops

    Kadath, Apr 9, 2013
  • TheGerkuman ArkCo R&D: Genetics

    Username: TheGerkuman
    Division: ArkCo R&D
    Specialisation: Genetics

    TheGerkuman, Apr 9, 2013
  • Darkbynight ArkCo R&D: Computer Science

    Username: Darkbynight.
    Division: ArkCo. R&D.
    Specialisation: Computer Science.

    Done ~Rav3n

    Darkbynight, Apr 10, 2013
  • zolamee Event Obsidian: Military Vehicles

    Username: zolamee
    Division: Event Obsidian Corporation
    Specialization: Military Vehicles

    Done ~Rav3n

    zolamee, Apr 10, 2013
  • Spitfyre_Veyl OmniVision: Nanotechnology

    User Name: Spitfyre
    Desired Division: OmniVision
    Specialization: Nanotechnology

    Just how I like to go with it. Nanotechnology all the way!

    Done ~Rav3n

    Spitfyre_Veyl, Apr 10, 2013
  • Ornjpeel Event Obsidian: Cybernetics

    User Name: Ornjpeel

    Desired Division: Event Obsidian

    Specialization: Cybernetics

    Done ~Rav3n

    Ornjpeel, Apr 10, 2013
  • Coffeespanks ArkCo Military: Special Ops

    User Name: coffeespanks
    Desired Division: ArkCo Corporation
    Specialization: Special Ops

    Done ~Rav3n

    Coffeespanks, Apr 10, 2013
  • noise OmniVision: Artificial Intelligence

    Username: noise
    Division: Omnivision Corporation
    Specialization: Artificial Intelligence

    Done ~Rav3n

    noise, Apr 10, 2013
  • BlueDragon66 Event Obsidian: Biological & Chemical Weapons

    User Name: BlueDragon66

    Desired Division: Event Obsidian Corporation

    Specialization: Biological & Chemical Weapons

    Done ~Rav3n

    BlueDragon66, Apr 10, 2013
  • InvaderRJ Evolution Adaptations: Terraforming

    No love for Evolution Adaptations yet eh? Better change that.

    User Name: InvaderRJ

    Division: Evolution Adaptations Corp

    Specialization: Teraforming Tech.

    Done ~Rav3n

    InvaderRJ, Apr 10, 2013
  • jady107 Evolution Adaptations: Terraforming

    Username: Jady107
    Division: Evolution Adaptations CorporationSpecialization: Terraforming Tech

    Done ~Rav3n

    jady107, Apr 10, 2013
  • shakdude ArkCo R&D: Robotics

    Username: shakdude
    Division: ArkCo R&D

    I like sticking to mine, it’s pretty good

    Done, and not going to argue against that. ^^ ~Rav3n

    shakdude, Apr 10, 2013
  • gigelgigel Event Obsidian: Armor

    User Name: gigelgigel
    Desired Division: Event Obsidian
    Specialization: Armor
    *Though I’d choose armor over physisc for a very specific armor, though I would have taken physics to introduce new gameplay mechanics :s

    Done ~Rav3n

    gigelgigel, Apr 10, 2013