To Edge of Space players2019-09-03T13:38:56+00:00

Thank you for taking part in this Multiplayer First Look for Edge of Space. This will be a special beta branch build on Steam. In this way, we can allow players to help us track down the worst of the bugs and be sure we have a good smooth build before we fully integrate it with the main build. More importantly, it’ll give you a first taste of the awesomeness of the Multiplayer content! Here’s some of the new content you’ll experience:

– Multiplayer: Explore, dig, build, and battle online with other players!
– Training Stations: Tutorial that explains all the tricks to EOS (completely optional, but very rewarding!)
– New events: Crazy events including “The Swarm.” Hope your base is solid!
– Boss Encounters: Boss battles requiring quick thinking and quicker game skills!

Please be aware that this special beta branch build will be quite buggy, as the development team will be hard at work putting the finishing touches to the main branch of the game. NOTE: By opting into the beta branch, your worlds and characters will be wiped. To be clear, when the new content is fully integrated, worlds and characters will be wiped regardless, so please be aware of that. The core of the game has changed so dramatically that this could not be avoided. Furthermore, any characters you create with this special beta branch build will be deleted when the final multiplayer content update launches. We want you, our valued community, to be amongst the first to check out all this cool new content and be part of the development process with constructive feedback, as well as reporting any bugs you encounter.

Also, the development team would like to encourage sharing screengrabs and/or videos with your fellow Edge of Space members and only ask to communicate clearly, that the images/videos you share came from an early special beta branch build, not from the final version of the current game.

So to reiterate:

1) Be aware that this is a special beta branch. THERE WILL BE BUGS!
2) When you opt in to this Multiplayer First Look, YOUR CHARACTERS AND WORLDS WILL BE DELETED!
3) If you do share screengrabs and/or videos, please COMMUNICATE THAT THESE CAME FROM A SPECIAL EARLY BUILD!
4) Most of all, HAVE FUN! Oh and share your feedback and report any bugs! Ready to party?

If you agree to all these terms, please click below that you do agree to these terms and to find out to get access to this special build.
By clicking this button right here I am acknowledging that I have read all of the above and that I agree to it.