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Default Controls

  • WSDA: For movement
  • E: Open Inventory
  • Q: Interact World Object (Mouse over while near door and press Q)
  • Right Click: Context Menu (Mouse over right click items)
  • C: Armor selection, crafting kit and refining kit slots
  • Spacebar: One to jump/ tap while in air to start jetpack
  • 1 – 9: Tool bar slots 1 is at the top 9 is at the bottom
  • Mouse Scroll: Quick Change between action slots
  • LeftMouseButton: Will activate whatever is selected (weapons will fire), (items will be placed), ect
  • RightMouseButton: If weapon has secondary fire type, will activate that secondary feature. (Example: LaserPick: Right click can bust background tiles)
  • Enter: Will change focus to chat to type (Currently Disabled during UI conversion)
  • + : activates Kit Slot One, which contains Refining Kit for new avatars
  • – : activates Kit Slot One, which contains Crafting Kit for new avatars

Starting Preparations

First start by going to ‘’ and creating your account and using your key if you have not done so yet.

If you have, just enter your account information and hit next.

Playing Singleplayer (or local server)

To play single player you must launch the game TWICE to play on your own once for the server and once to play. To reduce the memory and CPU usage of the server, check out the Batchmode guide to run it in the simplest mode possible. After the client loads you can select Connect or Create Server.

If this is your first time you will want to create a server first.

Next you need to select ‘Create World’ and give your new world a name

You should now see a view similar to this, this is the server view of the world.

Start a new client for the game, and connect to your newly created server by putting in ‘localhost’

Create your avatar, for now these options are mostly disabled, all you can do is put in a name.

Select your avatar from the list, and hit Load!