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Free Space Browser Games

You like a quick game to a good game, but you don’t want anything? Below we offer you a feast of games adapted to the web. In other words, to enjoy them, all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

The list includes 2nd games, some very recent, others not so much. Their only common point is that they can be played from the browser. At Gizmodo in Spanish, we have made that all links work from Chrome, but most are compatible with other browsers. Many require that we have well updated the browser and some need to register via UN-mail, but little more. The list, by the way, follows no particular order. The links are in the title of each game.


This game is a bit reminiscent of Spore’s but in massive multiplayer mode. Each participant is a micro-organism that grows by eating others smaller than it, but, as it does, it becomes slower. This simple planting is wreaking havoc. Simple as fun. You’ll want to try again, and you’ve lost.

  1. 10 Bullets

Space Invaders ships arcades out there, but ten bullets have a particularity that already indicates their name: in each game you only have ten shots. The key is that, by destroying a ship, it generates shrapnel that can melt others. The chain reaction is crucial and provoking a question of knowing when to fire.

  1. Ballistic

There could be no lack of a state-of-the-art browser shooter on this list. In this case, it is based on the unit graphics engine. It is surprising that an application within the browser already offers this quality. Of course, it supports multiplayer.

  1. The Pac-Man World’s Largest

If you like Pac-Man, you’ll get fed up here. This website has been organized by Namco Bandai himself to honor the character on his 30th anniversary. What Conrad is that users can create their game screens. Now hay miles to choose from.

  1. Gods Will Be Watching

This fantastic adventure available on Steam has a somewhat decaf version for browser compared to, but very interesting. Your goal is to get a very different group of characters to survive in a remote camp for 40 days, and you only have a handful of actions for each day.

  1. Condemn

Playing a Doom or Quake should be almost a subject for even the youngest to know where the origins of today’s games are. The software ID game is probably the most transmitted to bizarre formats and lava. In the browser, it works thanks to Flash.

  1. Drakensang Online

One of the most recent exponents of CL Rescue De Diablo’s long career. Which concludes that Drakensang has foolish graphics to be a browser game. If it’s your thing to explore dungeons and collect magical objects, you can stop looking.

  1. Cube Slam

The mythical Pong of all life, but remastered to give a perspective, not unlike the classic Air tables of the recreational halls. To the incentive to play solo, we can add playing against other users.

  1. Sparta: War of Empires

A fast real-time game to the old style, but with a state-of-the-art professional look. As its name already suggests, it is threatened in the wars of ancient Greece. It’s not far from game mechanics like Age of Empires.

  1. Battlestar Galactica Online

Massive online multiplayer titles based on significant space wars are not new. The absolute reference in that field is or game, but since that classic has come out many others. One of the most recent is based on the popular TV series.