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  • LadyAijou Community Manager

    This is the Official Edge of Space FAQ. Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have a question that is not answered here, by all means feel free to post it here. I will frequently update this thread with current information, and add the more common questions posted.

    The Edge of Space FAQ

    Q: Let’s start with an easy one. Who are you?

    A: We are HandyMan Studios, and we are making this game from the ground up, for you. HandyMan is a two-man team, Jake Crane, and Paul Ash, based in North Carolina.

    Jacob “Lord Shaggy” Crane

    Lead game designer and CEO of Handyman. As dedicated designer Jacob serves as the major creative force, keeping everyone on track, keeping everyone laughing, and a general goodie-two shoes with a few hidden talents. He’s worked on one of the oldest and still competing MMOs out there and has been in the industry for almost 7 years.

    Paul “SteamPunkProgrammer” Ash

    Co-founder and CTO of company Handyman Studios. Paul has worked in the game industry for close to 8 years. He’s worked on everything from massive AAA MMOs to facebook games. Kind of the mad scientest of the crew. If you think it’s not possible, he can probably change your mind.

    Q: ‘So, what is the game about?’

    A: Edge Of Space is a dynamic, open world, survival, exploration, sandbox adventure game; where you build, create, mold, and work to survive and change the area around you. Your task? Terraform an entire world back to life!

    Q: ‘Okay then, what do I actually do?’

    A: Edge of Space is about the journey of surviving in the deepest, darkest, weirdest, and possibly most interesting part of the known universe. How long have you been in cryo-sleep? No one really knows, and we doubt you will be thinking about that as you try to explore, scavenge, build, survive, and fight rocket-powered, cybernetically-enhanced laser sharks wanting to feed on you. If there is one thing you will NOT do in Edge of Space, it’s get bored!

    Q: ‘What platforms will the game be released on?’

    A: Edge of Space will launch supporting Windows and Mac. Linux will follow later on, post launch.

    Q: ‘What engine are you using to make the game?’

    A: The game is programmed in C#, using a HEAVILY modified unity engine. Our core engineer stripped unity down to its barest elements and REBUILT it to his own specifications.

    Q: ‘Will the game have multiplayer?’

    A: Absolutely! The game is being built from the core with multiplayer experience in mind. We want to make playing with your friends as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

    Q: ‘Do you have a beta, and will there be pre-orders?’

    A: One of the rewards from our Kickstarter was access to the beta of the game, which is currently in progress. Pre-order sales are available on Steam Early Access. This grants immediate access to the beta as well as all of the upcoming content for the game:


    Q: ‘Will there be mod tools?’

    A: Yes! We come from a history of being modders ourselves and understand the needs of having tools to help you craft an experience for yourself, friends, or just making something fun and new. If we didn’t put it in game, YOU CAN!

    Q: ‘When are you releasing the game?’

    A: The game has been launched on Steam Early Access with pre-order sales which include beta access plus all upcoming content/patches. The game will be frequently updated long after release as long as sales remain strong for it. We are committed to making those updates FREE! You can purchase a copy of Edge of Space here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/238240

    Q: ‘Great! How much will it cost?’

    A: Pre-order cost is $12, or $25 for the premium edition which includes the soundtrack and art book, as well as a sugar glider pet. Both tiers include beta access to the game, as well as the first response armor. The final retail cost will be $15.

    Q: ‘I have pre-ordered the Standard or Special Edition of the game and can not find my bonus items’

    A: These incentives will be provided upon the full launch of the game, not during Early Access. Once the game launches these in game items will be available to your character from the very start of the game.

    Q: ‘I love social media! Do you have anything I can join to help promote the game?’

    A: We certainly do! We have a Google Group, a Facebook page, a Twitter feed and a Steam group. We are also on IndieDB and Desura and have a livechat on IRC 24/7 at irc.icedawn.net #edgeofspace. There are plenty of great ways to connect with our community!

    Q: ‘I want to see X, Y, or Z in Edge of Space. Can I make game suggestions?’

    A: Please do! The team FREQUENTLY reads the forums, and welcome the community’s ideas and suggestions. If you have something you think would be a great addition to the game, please post it in our “ArkCo Lab” forum and we will happily give it a read.

    Q: Can I make Youtube videos, or stream the game on Twitch?

    A: Absolutely!! We welcome and encourage players to make videos and streams of Edge of Space! There is no NDA for the game, and you absolutely have our permission!

    Q: ‘How can I learn more about the game? I still have questions!’

    A: We have weekly livestreams which we open up to questions and feedback from the community. Additionally, Jake, Paul, and the Edge of Space community team are always on hand in the IRC to take questions and commments.

    Q: If I pre-order the game, will I get a Steam key now that you Greenlit?

    A: Definitely! Our pre-order customers and Kickstarter customers will be given Steam keys when we launch on Steam. We will be announcing the details of that when keys become available!

    LadyAijou, Sep 6, 2012
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  • Nightfare ArkCo Employee

    When is the release date?

    Nightfare, Oct 22, 2012
  • LadyAijou Community Manager

    There is no official “release date” for the “1.0 launch version” at this time. The game is already available for purchase with immediate access to beta and all upcoming patches and content, which is what is called a “soft launch.” You can buy the game here: http://www.raindg.com/title/edge-space

    LadyAijou, Oct 22, 2012
  • jakew1999 ArkCo Employee

    Will the kickstarter supporters be granted keys to the game for desura and raindg?

    jakew1999, Jan 6, 2013
  • LadyAijou Community Manager

    Nope, you don’t need ’em. Buying on Desura gets the key for the same launcher you already have. The game runs and plays independently of any of the purchase sites.

    LadyAijou, Jan 7, 2013
  • reino411 ArkCo Employee

    What will be the system requirement at this moment? {I dont have a very good pc}

    reino411, Jan 24, 2013
  • AccessTheGamer ArkCo Employee

    If we purchase Edge of Space, do we get a free key on steam?

    AccessTheGamer, Jan 27, 2013
  • LadyAijou Community Manager

    We are aiming for that to happen, but can’t make any guarantees till we get to Steam. They seem to allow it for most games that started selling in beta elsewhere, so we’re optimistic.

    LadyAijou, Jan 27, 2013
  • LittleBiscuits ArkCo Employee

    I’m a little confused. I bought the $10 package on Desura, will I have to pay $15 once it reaches release date?
    Thank you for your time.

    LittleBiscuits, Feb 3, 2013
  • LadyAijou Community Manager

    Of course not! XD

    The game is buy once, update as long as we update the game.

    LadyAijou, Feb 3, 2013
  • Ev$ter ArkCo Employee

    Hello there, I have recently bought the game, and I payed the extra money to get the added bonuses in game, I bought it on steam, can someone tell me how to redeem and receive the items in game? Quick help appreciated!

    Ev$ter, Jul 1, 2013
  • Soltanis IRC Staff

    Pre-Order items will be provided when the game launches and not during early access.

    I have also asked for the F.A.Q. to be updated with this information.

    I hope that helps.

    Soltanis, Jul 1, 2013
  • Ev$ter ArkCo Employee


    Ev$ter, Jul 2, 2013
  • Feral ArkCo Military: Engineering

    Would it be possible for those of us who purchased the game’s “Standard” edition to upgrade at a later point by paying the difference? It’s not as though the game is particularly expensive- but for those of us who bought the Standard edition, it would be rather nice to be able to throw more money at the team when we realise it’s worth it, etc.

    Feral, Jul 2, 2013
  • Sean ArkCo Employee

    I can’t seem to play the game unless i’m connected to the internet, how do I play offline?

    Sean, Jul 7, 2013
  • Abbadenbach ArkCo Employee

    Can we upgrade our normal accounts to the premium edition?

    Abbadenbach, Jul 8, 2013
  • Lee Warren Explorer

    I know the FAQ states that it’s ok to make YouTube videos of EoS, but can you address the official policy on monitization (enabling ads) on those videos? I emailed the support email but haven’t heard back as they are likely busy. Thanks!

    Lee Warren, Jul 29, 2013