The crafting system is in! You race to your game, load up a brand new world, and you’re ready to get started crafting! Where are your crafting and refining kits? You are completely lost. Where do you begin? Luckily, you have your ArkCo Recruit’s Handbook. Ah yes, there it is, the section on how to craft! Time to get started!

First things first, you need materials. In the world of Edge of Space, EVERYTHING has value. Even dirt. Not just at the beginning of the game, either, it will always be needed. When gathering resources, try to get a variety of different kinds. Dirt, metals, ores, a little of all of it. Now you are ready to refine, and see what you get! First, press the ‘+’ key next to the zero on your keyboard. This will bring up your refining screen. Place the stack you are going to refine in the blue box, and press start. Your refined stack will end up in the red box. It looks like this:













Refine your various materials, and now you have a variety of things to use in your crafting. Next we open the crafting kit. Access it by pressing ‘-‘ on your keyboard, next to the zero. You will now see a list of the schematics you have learned, like this:













Select what you wish to craft from your list of schematics. To begin with, you will want to start with a basic schematic. Advanced items introduce the second tier of requirements, and can be a bit daunting till you are comfortable with the basics. Everyone needs a good rest, so we’ll use the bed for our example. As you mouse over the requirement boxes, it will tell you what requirements you have to meet. This is the schematic for a basic bed:













You can see that it has 3 requirements. We place our refined materials that meet the “inorganic” criteria into the schematic. Hooray! We’ve met all the requirements!













Finally, science can be done! Press the Science button to complete your craft, and your item shows up in your inventory! (Or your tool bar, if that isn’t already full.) Select the item and go ahead and place it! That is the basic system for crafting in Edge of Space. The second tier becomes more challenging. Items begin to require a group of secondary stats, seen on the right hand side here:













Those are the randomized stats that an item takes on when refined. If you refer back to the refining image, note that there are a list of stats it was given, aside from its base ones. Dirt will always carry the inorganic, mineral, ore, and dirt stats, but look at the other two. Permeability, and Hardness, for this particular stack. Each time you refine a stack of dirt, you have a chance at different stats here. You will need to refine different kinds of materials to achieve the requirements for an advanced stat. Once you get familiar with basic crafting, and which materials carry which stat, it becomes easier to move on to the advanced schematics.

That concludes your tutorial, Recruit! Now get back out there and make us proud!