0.1.4E Controls

A / D: For movement
MOUSE: Aim + Window interaction
Left Mouse Button: Select / Fire
Right Mouse Button: Alt Fire
1: Open Crafting kit Window
2: Open Refining kit Window
R: Opens The Inventory
Q / E: Switch active quickbar slot
Left Shift: Toggle quick bar display
Enter/Return key: Toggle/Send Chat Message

Pre-0.1.4E Controls

WASD: For movement
E: Opens The Inventory
Q: Interact World Object (Mouse over switch while near and press Q)
Right Click: Context Menu (Mouse over right click items)
C: Armor selection, also shows up thecrafting kit and refining kit slots
Spacebar: One to jump/ tap while in air to start jetpack
1 – 9: Tool bar slots 1 is at the top 9 is at the bottom
Mouse Scroll: Quick Change between action slots
LeftMouseButton: Will activate whatever is selected (weapons will fire), (items will be placed), ect
RightMouseButton: If weapon has secondary fire type, will activate that secondary feature. (Example: LaserPick: Right click can bust background tiles)
Enter: Will change focus to chat to type (Disabled ATM)
+ : activates Kit Slot One, which contains Refining Kit for new avatars
: activates Kit Slot One, which contains Crafting Kit for new avatars
Z or P: Activates PIOS Grid Mode.