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Best Space Games for PC

With the recent release of ‘No Man’s Sky‘ and its proposal to travel to the center of the universe, that illusion of discovering planets, galaxies and all sorts of alien civilizations have skyrocketed.

The title of Hello Games, beyond all its successes and mistakes, is not made for all palates. If it has known you little by little or not what you were looking for, we offer you here a good handful of good games set in space.

There are for all tastes: some with more action, others more contemplative, and also those who bet on strategy or simulation. It’s your choice.

  1. ADR1FT

More in space than with ‘ADR1FT’ it will be challenging to be. We will control an astronaut who is in the middle of a disaster, with a space station torn apart and not knowing very well what has happened. Our mission will be to survive and return home, for which we will have to carry out repairs of all kinds while monitoring our oxygen level. Ideal for those of you who want to experience something closer, something similar to what the protagonists of ‘Gravity ‘lived through.

  1. Dead Space

The first Dead Space, which will be eight years old in a couple of months, is still a big game. Solitude in space, nightmarish creatures were lurking behind every corner and a handful of scenarios to which most twisted are some of their signs of identity. The ideal is to play the three deliveries at the pull, of course. With helmets and dark.

  1. Elite: Dangerous

If you’re looking for a full-scale galaxy based on the Milky Way aboard your ship, ‘Elite: Dangerous’ is your game. This is one of those titles that mix it all up a little bit: open world, trade, space fighting, simulation. It also includes a multiplayer mode, and the actions that take place in it will influence the narrative of that particular persistent world.

  1. Eve Online

‘Eve Online’ is an MMORPG in which virtually you can do anything, even become a space pirate, if that is what you will. If not, you can always devote yourself to extracting resources, trading, exploring, or shooting with that ship that looked at you badly. You have about 7,800 solar systems at your disposal, so you have room for a while.

  1. Faster Than Light

‘Faster Than Light’ moves away from all games with stunning graphics and crazy open worlds to put us in charge of a ship. Our mission will be to deliver valuable information to an Allied fleet and to do so we will have to cross eight sectors, each with its planetary systems and events generated by procedures, as we escape from enemy forces. It’s hard to peel.

  1. Lovers in a Dangerous Space-time

The hilarious ‘Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime’ is the demonstration that not all space games have to be seriated, that colorings can be added to being unable to get out entirely. In addition to playing solo, we will have the option to play cooperatively with up to three more players. Our target? Rescue all those creatures that have been captured throughout their four campaigns, each loaded with four levels and a final boss.

  1. Mass Effect

With ‘ Mass Effect ‘something similar happens to’ Dead Space’: the idea is to take the three deliveries and pass them one after the other. It’s a lot of hours, but the story is absorbent as few, and when we’ve finished the first part, we can’t think of anything other than starting the second part. The brand mix of the House (Bio ware) of RPG plus action suits this tremendous work beautifully.

  1. Rebel Galaxy

‘Rebel Galaxy’ is presented as a space simulator in which we will not only be able to trade, but also engage in combat between ships. It has a universe generated randomly, and we will have freedom of action. If we want to go bounty hunting, we can, and if we feel like getting deep into some critical mission to get the plot going, too.

  1. Space Engineers

‘Space Engineers’ has been available with advance access for almost three years and has done nothing wrong: during all this time it has exceeded a million units sold and is welcomed by the community. We are looking at another open-world simulator that offers a multitude of modes and options, including a survival plan in which resources must be collected, manufactured, and managed well to survive.

  1. Star Citizen

If we are talking about games set in space, we cannot leave ourselves out of any of the ways this ‘Star Citizen’ which is getting better and better looking. Chris Roberts, with the financial help of the community, is creating a title of gigantic proportions in which we can practically do everything: explore planets, collect resources, trade with them, fight both onboard ships and on foot in the purest FPS style and more. The game is still developing, but you can play now.