First off, be sure you have setup and can see your console window.

  • Follow this guide before attempting batchmode Console

Batch Mode

The following steps will show you how to run a server in batchmode, reducing the overall cost in memory and CPU to run a server yourself, or to run a server on a machine that lacks a graphics card (like a virtual machine)

  • Download this Batchmode File
  • Place it in your install directory
  • On windows 32-bit it will be at C:\Program Files\EdgeOfSpace
  • on windows 64-bit it will be at C:\Program Files (x86)\EdgeOfSpace
  • Right Click the batchmode file and change ‘YOUWORLDNAME’ to whatever you want to call the world generated
  • Double click the batch file
  • The console window should open and you should be free to connect locally or externally if the port is forwarded (UDP 1337)