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  • LadyAijou Community Manager

    Welcome, Recruit! You are here to take a crash course in surviving in Edge of Space. This guide will cover everything you need to know to get started in your new world. The guide will be divided into the following sections:

    • Introduction
    • The World
    • Controls
    • Your Tools
    • Equipping Your Character
    • Crafting
    • Refining Materials
    • Resources
    • Kits
    • Exposure
    • Death
    • Placeables
    • Events
    • Night & Day
    • Tech Upgrades & Stats
    • Wormholes
    • Pets
    • The Power Grid
    • Vehicles*

    Keep this handbook close, it will be a valuable resource in your journey. Alright recruit, time for your first lesson!

    (*section still under construction or not currently in player’s guide)

    LadyAijou, Jun 3, 2013
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  • LadyAijou Community Manager

    – Introduction –
    We will start with your first steps into Edge of Space, starting a game. Starting a game in EoS is quick and easy. To begin, launch the game from your Steam library. This will bring up the launch screen. Click launch. From the game’s title screen you will click “Start” and this will bring you to the screen shown above. You will be selecting Single Player for the time being. This brings you to creating a character. If you have characters already created, you will see them listed. If not, you will select “Create Avatar”
    Once you feel suitably fashionable, it’s time to start your world. You will see a Worlds screen, which will list any available worlds you have. If you are starting for the first time, you will choose create world, and enter a name. Then simply select your newly created world. The game will load, and you will get your first look at your new home! Now that you are here, it’s time to move on, and talk a little bit about the world around you.

    Lady Aijou Community Manager

    – The World –
    Congratulations! You’re in space! You will find yourself in the interior of a small ship, with a portal to your left. This is the game’s interactive tutorial. We highly recommend first time players go through the tutorial, as well as anyone starting a new character or world. This will show you the basic mechanics of the game, as well as get you started with a weapon and some torches. If you are already a long time player, or don’t want the help, you are free to exit the tutorial by mousing over the portal to your left, and leaving the tutorial area.

    Once you have completed the tutorial, or chosen to leave it, you will find yourself in the game world for the first time, standing at your master cryopod. Before you really dive in, here a couple of things you should know:
    There are two automated turrets at your master pod. If you find yourself overwhelmed, you can return to the master pod and the turrets will help get rid of the mobs. Normally crafted turrets require using the power grid, but these two are already ready for use, and will power on when anything comes within range


    The torches given in the tutorial can help you see your way simply by holding one. Equip them to your toolbar by pressing R, and placing them in one of the slots. Use Q or E to scroll to it and hold it. As long as you have it selected, it will emit light.
    The laser pick does deal minor damage. While you won’t be able to take on advanced enemies with your pick alone, it will come in handy if you run out of ammo suddenly and do not have time to craft more.
    Now let’s talk a little about your surroundings. You will notice that the world in Edge of Space is shattered, and that you are in fact on a broken piece of planet, floating in space. Don’t worry, your map isn’t bugged, this is the natural appearance of the world.



    Worlds will be generated in layers, with biomes changing as you go deeper down. Presently (Build 0.2.13E) there are 3 active biomes. The top layer is called the proto-life biome, and the area immediately around your master pod is a “dead zone.” This is where you will want to get to know the less dangerous parts of the game before heading off on your adventure. You will notice several passive mobs around, that don’t deal damage to your character. These are willerworms, vine beetles, and blue jellies. Jellies will sap your energy, but will not do actual harm. This changes when night falls, and the world becomes a much harsher place. Early in the game, the best way to handle the night cycle is to hide! We will talk more about night and day later on.
    One important thing to note is that lateral exploration will be a very important aspect of the game, so don’t focus entirely on getting down lower, you may get into danger too early. Many aspects of progression, such as upgrades for your gear will be found by exploring your entire environment. Now that you’ve seen a bit of what you’re up against, let’s talk about interacting with this alien world.

    Lady Aijou Community Manager

    – Controls –
    The controls for Edge of Space changed significantly in the Rebirth Patch, so let’s go over your basics:
    Left and Right movement: A and D
    Interact with items: F
    Inventory: R
    Action Slots (Lower Right hand corner): Number keys 1-8
    Toolbar scroll left: Q
    Toolbar scroll right: E
    Toggle full toolbar display: Shift
    Jump: Space
    Options: Esc
    Tech Upgrade Screen: L
    Character Screen: C
    Pick up Placeable: X, and X again to confirm
    Toggle mine mode (background/foreground): Right mouse button
    Mine: Left mouse button
    Fire Weapon: Left mouse button
    Move stack of items: Left click with mouse, click again to put down
    While learning the controls, it’s a good idea to stay close to home! Now that you know how to navigate in game, we can talk about the tools at your disposal in EoS.

    Lady Aijou Community Manager

    – Your Tools –
    In Edge of Space, an ArkcoNaut’s best friend is their equipment. The primary tool you will need will be your trusty laser pick. Your pick has two “modes”, one for the foreground tiles, and one for the background. It can also deal minor damage in a pinch, so if you run out of ammo, your pick is there to help you. You can toggle between modes with a simple single right click. This can be done even while holding down left click and continuing to mine. In foreground mode, you will notice that the mining laser is red:
    The next tool you will use throughout your adventures is the Cutter tool. This allows you to remove trees and other “formations.” The cutter is granted to you when you spawn. To use it, simply aim at the tree or formation you are trying to remove, and left click. When the beam makes contact with the item to be removed it will turn bright orange. Trees and other formations can drop valuable crafting materials, so don’t overlook them when you’re exploring.
    Next we will take a look at is HOW your tools are equipped. The new user interface features a scrolling quick select system. To add items to your quickslots, press R to bring up your inventory. Simply add items to the top row of slots, and they will be ready to use. To pick up an item, left click it, hover over the slot you wish to place it in, and left click again. Now you are ready to learn about other types of equipment!